Concrete decor elements

Concrete decor elements

Two seemingly unrelated areas: digital printing and construction, can be connected perfectly and open up new opportunities. A stencil, printed with DIMENSE technology,  can be used to create unique structures and patterns on any solidifying materials.

This technology simplifies the process of putting structure on a pure or coloured concrete and can be widely used in creating different and customized products such as:

  • Walls with special decoration for private houses or unique branding in offices;
  • Structured floor;
  • Signboards;
  • Outdoor design elements;
  • And many more other applications.
How to make digital concrete with Dimense

It is very easy to make digitally embossed concrete with DIMENSE:

  • Prepare a mold with a Dimense stencil at the bottom
  • Fill it with concrete and leave it to dry
  • Remove the mold and enjoy the result

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