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Company VEIKA – the inventor of Dimense™ technology – successfully continues its activity since establishment in 1991. Its mission is to create breakthrough technologies for wallcoverings industry, as well as to implement them in other fields.

A number of achievements mark the company’s success, among them:

About company
Company VEIKA established
Start of production of eco-solvent inks under Balance Eco brand. This part of the business was sold to MIMAKI Engineering Co. in 2017.
Launch of Ecodeco technology: PVC-free and plasticizers-free base for traditional hot-embossed wallpaper production.
Launch of DIMENSE technology in DRUPA
Mass production of Dimensor S printers
Dimensor S receives EDP award
How it works

Company VEIKA is a Lithuanian producer of innovative wallpaper materials and technologies. Its focus is on developing and marketing solutions that are human health and environment conscious.