Different media options

Different media options

High quality replicas

It has been a while since the digital copies of the original paintings have become an important and very often used product for interior decoration. Thus, artists, authors are always looking for ways on how to maximize the quality of prints by making them as similar to the originals, at the same time keeping them affordable and easy to produce. Usually, pre-textured medias with random, repeated patterns were being used, as well as printing on textiles. However, these materials are unable re-create the effect of an artist’s brush stroke, the structure of the paint and the like, and this is the largest drawback of the technologies that have existed up until today. Not any more: with the help of DIMENSE printing, the pattern of the canvas, brush strokes and other surface structures  can be re-created, in order to directly convey the image the artist intended to present originally. This technique allows to print replicas very similar to the originals with as many details created by the artist as possible.

New form of art

Dimense technology can also be used for creating a new form of art. In addition to replicating original surface structures, after a discussion with the author, additional structure can be printed, to add a new dimension and a new meaning to the painting. In this way, subtle details can be emphasized, as well as the focal points of the painting done more eye-catching. In this way, the replica itself becomes a completely new work of art, extending the artist’s arsenal of creative tools.

Use of different DIMENSE medias can make it even more interesting, adding different effects to the work of art.

How to make canvas with Dimense
  • Prepare a design file. Don’t forget to add cut marks if you are going to use a cutter.
  • Print the design using Dimensor S printer.
  • Cut the printed design to size (use Fotoba or similar cutter, or cut it manually).
  • Put the printout on the frame and fix it with a stapler and a masking tape;
  • Or, alternatively, attach it to any hard surface with double-sided tape.
  • If you wish – frame it.

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